Dedicated  To  All  2011  To  2017  V6  Mustangs 


Rick Mitchell is an automotive and aviation writer who has also undertaken extensive volunteer writing for the military, including researching and writing the History of the Maryland Air National Guard, a book that was published in 1989. He later wrote A History of the District of Columbia Air National Guard that was published in 1997. He also wrote Airacobra Advantage: The Flying Cannon, the history of the Bell P-39 Airacobra from World War II. Rick currently edits monthly feature e-newsletters for his SABRE JET ASSOCIATION, devoted to the North American Aviation F-86 Sabre Jet.

Rick's fulltime career before retiring was as an insurance accident investigator for 33 years. He investigated facts and interviewed hundreds of people during his career. He has also written many other newsletters for more than 35 years. Several years ago he changed to e-newsletters as there was no cost with this form of publication. 

In 1981, Rick bought a 1966 Sprint 200 Mustang and restored it. He showed it in 69 Mustang and antique automobile shows in five states until 1989 when he left our Mustang hobby. After this, he owned V6 Mustangs from 1995, 2000 and 2004. In 2014, he returned to our hobby and semi-restored another 2004 V6 Mustang that appeared in nine shows. He traded that for a new 2014 3.7L V6 coupe later that year. Since then, Rick has extensively but conservatively modified and upgraded every area of the interior, exterior, engine and trunk of his '14 Mustang. This car has appeared in 89 Mustang and all makes and models car shows in four states as of December, 2018 and has appeared in three issues of Mustang Times as well as on the Ford Performance site.
In the 1980's, Rick formed the 1966 Sprint 200 Registry that was expanded into the Early Six Mustang Registry for all '64-1/2 through '73 six cylinder Mustangs. When he returned to our Mustang hobby in 2014, he formed the Mustang Six Association and ran that for two years. This group was dedicated to all six cylinder Mustangs from all years. He turned that over to another six cylinder Mustang owner and next formed the Catonsville Mustang Club, an online writing project that was named after his home town near Baltimore. This group was dedicated to all Mustangs and Shelbys from all eras. This project ran through spring, 2017.
In January, 2017, the Ford Motor Company announced that the 2018 Mustangs would discontinue the Duratec 3.7L V6 engine in favor of the Ecoboost four. This decision marked the end of production for our beloved 3.7L six cylinder engine Mustangs forever. In an effort to promote the last V6 Mustangs for as long as possible, Rick formed our MUSTANG 3.7 CONNECTION. He would be pleased to answer any inquiries.