Dedicated  To  All  2011  To  2017  V6  Mustangs 

                                    MUSTANG  3.7  CONNECTION  MEMORABILIA


Here is how to order color t-shirts from CustomInk: This vendor makes custom t-shirts in colors on an individual basis. 

-save our logos in your computer.
-print these instructions.
-go to and click on the "design lab" heading that goes to their t-shirt design page.
-on the middle left, click on "add art," and then click on "upload now."
-go to "upload your art," click on "browse," then find our logos stored in your computer. Click on the saved logo, then click on "upload."
-goes to "which colors should we use to print your images?" Click on the block next to "show the white in my image." Ignore "select image colors." Then click on "confirm colors."
-goes back to "design lab." Here you may move our logo around, or enlarge or reduce, to whatever lay out you want. Note that most chest logos are 3" by 3." 
-go to "your items" on the top left to "change" and pick out the t-shirt color you want. Then click on "hide colors" when done. 
-click on "save/send" at the bottom to "save your design," and then "name your design" and add your email address, then "save design."
-skip "want to share it?"
-go to "get price" at bottom.
-goes to a screen where you may pick out your size and quantity.
-add your "delivery zip code," then click on "continue."
-the cost for one custom t-shirt varies, if one sided or two, as their "all-inclusive price," with free shipping, and your t-shirt will arrive in two weeks, or add more money to receive it sooner.
-go to "buy now," verify your email, then "save and continue."
-goes to "your order," review your information, then click on "proceed to check out."
-goes to "custom ink respects content ownership," click on "yes, I can print this."
-then complete the "contact info," "shipping," "payment," and "receipt" screens to finish ordering.
-you should receive an email with pictures showing your new design to confirm your order.   

Here is how to order baseball caps and other promotional items from Vistaprint: They offer a great selection of clothing and other memorabilia, such as mugs and pens, that may be ordered with our logos. 
-save our logos in your computer.
-print these instructions.
-go to "Clothing and Bags," to "Hats."
-to "Step 1: Select a style."
-to "Step 2," to "Upload your own complete design," to "Get started."
-to "Upload your image," click on "Browse," and add our logo.
-to "Upload complete," to "Next" at bottom.
-to "Choice" of white or tan, then "Next."
-then "Approve" your design, then "Next."
-to "Continue as guest."
-to select "Quantity," then "Next."
-goes to "Matching" for pens, cards, mugs and stickers with our logo, then "Next."
-then go past the other offers.
-to "My cart," to "Checkout" at the bottom.

Note: For a better variety of promotional clothing, including embroidered ball caps, t-shirts and polos on the Vistaprint site, go to:
-click on "Promotional Products" tab at the top.
-click on "Shop now" on the left side.
-go to "Featured collections" and click on "No minimum quantity" to select your items.   

Here is how to order inside the windshield stick on, or static cling, or many other decal types from

(NOTE: The cost for one custom made decal with shipping is $12 to $14, but sometimes they send more than one at no extra cost.)

-save our logos in your computer.
-print these instructions.
-go to "Custom Stickers" in the middle, and click on "Custom Stickers" again below it.
-goes to the next page, and click on "Circle Stickers."
-goes to "Custom Printed Circle Sticker."
-go to "Select Material" to the drop down to "White Vinyl w/Face Adhesive (Inside Application)," or "White Static Cling (Inside Application)," or whatever style you prefer.
-go to "Select Size," and add "Width" = 3" and "Height" = 3."
-click on "9 sq. inch - 3.00" x 3.00."
-go to "Select Quantity," and add the number wanted.
-click on "Continue."
-on the next page, "Select A File," add our logo in "Browse."
-click on "Continue."
-on the next page, "Finalize Your Product," our logo should appear. Review your "Product Details" and check your information.
-at "Product Options," be sure it says "Don't Fix" and "Don't Add Border."
-go to "Finishing Options" and click on "Flex Cut Finishing."
-go to "Approve Sticker" and add a check.
-go to "Special Instructions" and add a comment, if needed.
-click on "Add To Cart."
-goes to "Shopping Cart."
-at the bottom, "You Must Login Or Create An Account." Complete that, and click on "Submit."
-goes back to "Shopping Cart."
-be sure the details are correct, or go to "Edit."
-then click on "Checkout."
-add your "Address" and "Payment Method," and click on "Continue."
-goes to "Shipping And Handling" and "Credit Card Details."
-click on "Checkout" and finish your order.

Our well designed organization logos were rendered by Eric Coloney through his company, PROGRESSIVE SPECIALTIES, INC. Eric also develops other items that are difficult to find, such as embroidered/woven/pvc/leather patches, vinyl exterior decals, challenge/club coins, charms, lapel pins, key rings/fobs/flags, and woven tube lanyards. I have ordered vinyl decals from Eric and they are nicely made and well packaged when sent.

Take a look at for more information.