Dedicated  To  All  2011  To  2017  V6  Mustangs 

                                               RADAG'S  CUSTOM TEES

We are working with Gary Hopkins from Radag's Custom Tees, located in central Maryland, to develop a new 3.7L V6 Mustang t-shirt for our MUSTANG 3.7 CONNECTION members. This will be a licensed Ford product with Ford logos and our group's name on the sleeve. Nothing like this has ever been designed before. Radag designs and sells t-shirts for many different makes and muscle car enthusiasts, and Gary owns several Mustangs of his own. Above is a sample of a first generation Mustang t-shirt that Radag currently sells. When our 3.7 shirts are ready, interested members may order direct from Radag. Our MUSTANG 3.7 CONNECTION will not profit from the sale of any merchandise. We will publish the details on this new 3.7 Mustang t-shirt as soon as they are completed. To look at Radag's website, go to .